Hello friends living together around the world in this era,

As we are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, we have embraced a simple mission to pass on this historic event to the future. With this mission in mind, we started up a new collaborative project to build a platform that can be shared with anyone in the world at any time.

We would love you to take part in this project with us. Please pass this on to your friends who might be interested in this project, the more the better.

vs Coronavirus


Has there ever been a time in recent years when towns have been so serene? When medical workers have been so dedicated? When day to day life has changed so much?

We won’t entirely forget any moments we have seen and experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, our memories will fade and lose colour over time.

By recording and archiving this historical event on a global scale, we will create an on-line platform that can be passed on in to the future.

We are looking to work with creators and other experts around the world who are concerned with documenting this moment in time and subscribe to the idea of our archive project. We hope that your professional involvement will help power this project to a wider audience across the globe, as we transition from “vs Coronavirus” to the future state of “w/ Coronavirus”, as we co-exist on earth.

Currently we are in the process of designing the on-line platform to collect and archive the visual documentation submitted by you, our global contributors, and also in the process of developing the project organisation to keep the project moving on steadily.

In the meantime, please consider the following:
1. We collect visual documentation that represents the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

<photo images and videos>
We have plans to accept photo images and 10 second videos as a basic format but also long videos.
We are planning to categorise them in four ways: Town, Medical Field, Life and Art Movement.
Metadata, location and date needed.
Contributors may include both amateurs and professionals.
Professional gallery to be created.

Commissioned visual works and products to be purchased.

2. for any web developer friends of yours, please get involved with the system development of the on-line platform service.

3. for any expert friends of yours in other fields, please get in touch if you feel they might be able to help improve and expand the services in any way.

With your help, we will be able to release the initial on-line platform in the coming weeks.

Contact and Applications: contact@vscoronavirus.info


    • Akihiro Maede
    • Akira Ito
    • Egan Hall
    • Eri Yamao
    • Joanne Swift
    • Joe Dunkley
    • Josue Gordon Guerrero
    • Julien Kos
    • Kingy Hagan Hsu
    • Lily Jiang
    • Luís Raimundo
    • Michelle Hall
    • Naoyuki Orita
    • Sachiko Matsukawa
    • Shunsuke Okusako
    • Sin Nakayamal
    • Tetsuya Matsukawa
    • Yoshihiro Mikami
    • Yuji Kurokawa
    • Yusuke Furusawa
    • Yuya Makino
    • Cicero Design Shanghai/LA LLC
    • Evesson Inc.
    • FLLY
    • MRI
    • Re-creations recreate WORLD.
    • The DECK, Inc.
    • Utopian Designs & Marketing
    • Wanderlust
    • zak
    • Nowhere Hajinosato
    • The DECK
    • VADE MECVM. Showroom #2
    • Ver. Creative Studio